CHAMOS – Dousman videoclip

Videoclip I made together with Shalouw Sophy for CHAMOS
ft. Saint Ronil – Dousman. Click here to see the full videoclip.

We made this videoclip with objects that we already had in our home, left over pieces of fabric from the market, beautiful flowers and lovely fruits. The video was shot with an old camera. So nice to make this colorful and feminine videoclip with the use of these ‘ordinary’ objects.

‘Dousman’ means ‘slowly’, which is basically an ode to women written by Haitian Creole songwriter Saint Ronil; “In a world that is moving at high speed, we often forget that the things that matter the most need a slow approach. This song represents acceptance and renewal through self-love, love of heritage and confidence.” It’s a modern interpretation of sounds from Haiti blend with CHAMOS’ signature sound.

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